The Original ClayMat

claymatClayMat is the first canvas mat that gives the dimensions of your rolled slab.

You can also use it to design your project by using the grid lines for horizontal, vertical, and/or angled cuts.

For the hand builder, the ClayMat is invaluable for cutting strips, squares, rectangles, or any combination of the 3. Just keep your project on the canvas to build it directly on the grid.

After running your clay through the roller, there may be a faint grid images left on the back of the pressed slab. If you flip the slab over, these images can be a big help with measuring and cutting the clay.

When using the ClayMat there is no longer any reason to go back and forth from your slab roller to your project trying to see if the clay slab will fit your design. Why? Because you are designing on the ClayMat.

ClayMat is made from 100% cotton with a 20oz weight. This is a number 6 canvas that is heaver than what is normally used on most slab rollers. Currently it comes in either a 24" or a 30" width. The grid marks are laid out in 2" squares with 1" hatch marks on the horizontal and vertical edges. All 4 sides are finished with a salvage edge and surged sides which means there are no unraveled edges.

Also, you might want to keep 2 ClayMats on hand. One for use with white clay and the other for use with darker clays.

Please Note: Shipping for the ClayMat is FREE within the Continental U.S. Please contact us for shipping costs to other locations.

24" ClayMat $29.95
30" ClayMat $39.95

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